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Curiosity and paradox are the essences of developing into an enigma.

Thoughts by: AJ Ouzts

Inner World

Welcome to the inner world of the Enigmatic Growth Blog and Podcast hosted by AJ Ouzts and presented by Carpe Regalement.

Unorthodox Thoughts

We discuss the unorthodox and unique ways of growth when curiosity takes you down branching paths, with character formation being paramount.

Lessons Learned

Here will be lessons gained so that others can learn from the past to live in the present and have hope for the future.

The Musings

This is where thoughts are expressed. Sometimes, you may find humor in controversy or random thoughts about shrimp biscuits. Then you’ll find some authentic, heartfelt pieces with something to learn from.

Pod Articles

For those who don’t like reading… that’s a shame, but we accommodate your needs by making the post available in podcast form. Subscribe to the cast of pods through your favorite listening app. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram as well to stay up-to-date.

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